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Bramhavadaadinis Present Purusha Suktam
Purusha Suktam is a sacred hymn from the Rigveda, one of the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. It is a profound and mystical verse that praises the cosmic being known as 'Purusha,' the Supreme Divine Personality or the Universal Man. This hymn is regarded as one of the most significant and revered hymns in Vedic literature. Shashi Dwaraknath will teach the chanting and the meaning of the Suktam. In the Western academia and press it is often completely misrepresented. The teachings will allow you understand the value of this great Suktam and how it can transform your life.

Date: 12/30/2023
Cost: $50

Web: 2 Lee Avenue
Email: rsaigal1@gmail.com

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