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If you want public input on the topic of
If you want public input on the topic of "Instructional Technology," you can attend our forum on May 23, 2024 in our co-working room. Pedagogical technology is a systematic method of creating, applying and defining the whole process of teaching The teaching and learning process takes into account technical and human resources and their interaction, aiming at the optimization of forms of education (UNESCO). Pedagogical technology is a systematic totality and The order of functioning of all personal, instrumental and methodological means such as https://edusharky.com/buy-essay-online used to achieve pedagogical goals . Pedagogical technology is a meaningful generalization, incorporating the meanings of all the definitions of all the previous of all previous authors . The concept of "pedagogical technology" can be presented in three projects: - scientific; - procedural-descriptive; - procedural-descriptive; procedural-actual. Thus, pedagogical technology functions both as a science that explores the most rational ways of teaching, and as a system of ways, principles, and regulatives used in teaching, and as the actual learning process. Any pedagogical technology is based on this or that Any pedagogical technology is based on one philosophical foundation or another. Philosophical provisions act as the most general regulatives that are part of the Methodological support of educational technology. Philosophical positions are quite definitely traceable in the content of education, in the content of individual disciplines. However, there is often a lack of unity in their ideological orientation. However, there is often no unity in their ideological alignment, which is why the content of school education does not provide a The content of school education does not provide a comprehensive picture of the world, does not have a common philosophical basis. This eclecticism is characteristic of the content of modern USAn school education. Out of the great multitude of philosophical schools and trends. in modern pedagogical technologies the following are most common: - materialism and idealism; - dialectics and metaphysics; - scientism and naturalism; - Humanism and anti-humanism; - Anthroposophy and theosophy; - Pragmatism and existentialism. The sources of pedagogical technology are the achievements of pedagogical, psychological and social sciences, The sources of pedagogical technology are the achievements of pedagogical and social sciences, best pedagogical practices, folk pedagogy, the best accumulated in the national and foreign pedagogy of the past years. of the previous years. The notion of "pedagogical technology" is broader than the notion of "pedagogical methodology". Technology answers the question "How best to achieve the goals of learning, managing this process?" Technology is aimed at the consistent implementation in practice of pre-planned learning process. RELATED RESOURCES: What is the purpose of lateral thinking. What Becomes The Task Of The Tutor In Relation To Very Smart Students? DIAGNOSTICS of giftedness in students. Psychosocial aspects of the gifted child. Working with very smart kids

Date: 05/30/2022
Location: 123
Time: 11

Organized By: maria

Web: 3726 Limer Street Augusta, GA
Email: marianeumann11111@outlook.com
Directions: 123

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